Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Grilled Steak... with a purpose

The weather here is beautiful! 

It's near 70 degrees in November... I love that

I grew up in Michigan and there is sometimes snow by now

I never remember being able to go to the park with the kids in November when I lived there

Weather like this makes me want to grill some food

So, I will

Now, just in case you care, we eat deer meat

So the steaks I grill are deer... not cow. 

But you can grill cow meat if you like.... the result is the same

But mine was free (just sayin')

Anyway.....  I used to be afraid to grill steak.

I thought you had to have mad steak grilling skills

You don't... not really anyway

I mean, you could get all fancy with them

But, that's not what this blog is all about right?

Let's start with the basics... and we can get fancy in a few months maybe?

This is a very basic recipe.... if it's even a recipe. 

But really I am grilling this very basic steak because it will make a great dinner tonight and.....

Then, I will use the rest for 2 other dinners this week. (here's where the "purpose" in the title comes in)

Kind of along the same lines as my mass grilled chicken post


- 6 steaks
- 1/2 C olive oil
- 2 Tbs garlic salt
-1 Tbs season salt

Place steaks in olive oil to marinate for a few hours
Let them get to room temperature
Place steaks on platter
Sprinkle seasoning evenly over steaks on both sides (you don't have to use it all.... use your judgement)
Grill steaks a few minutes on each side until done to your liking.
We like ours rare so that doesn't take all that long
It's pretty simple

We have been eating this for years.  Everyone loves this. The kids sometimes like it with ketchup but I'm ok with that.  It's an easy easy easy go to dinner!

Sometimes I don't decide we're eating this until oh, about an hour before we eat...lol  so, I just take the meat out of the freezer, put the bag in hot water and thaw it quickly.  You don't have to marinate it for hours.. it's just a little better if you do. As for the spices.. you can do whatever you want there. I like mine salty... if you don't then just adjust the seasoning to taste.  Sometimes we even serve it with horseradish on the side... that's yummy.  As for cooking time, I'm sorry I can't be more precise... it really depends on the thickness of your steaks and how you like them done.  But I can tell that when the meat feels "squishy" in the center... that means it's pretty rare.  The more you do it the better you get at knowing when it's done.... this is where the mad skills come in ;)
(I can't wait to turn this into stir fry tomorrow night)

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